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The ReVIEW Team

Announcing ReVIEW 3.0 with Video Based Calibrations and Group Management

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Trying to focus teacher evaluation on capacity building and not compliance is our mission at ReVIEW Talent Feedback System. We made some recent overhauls of our information architecture and released some really cool new features on 1/9/2017. This update required a ton of work and we are very proud of the newly released platform.

In a little under a year we have become one of Connecticut’s fastest growing and most successful educational technology companies.

Our growth has more to do with our mission of increasing instructional capacity and engineering better teachers than it does with our app but the services we provide to school districts would not be possible without a tool to enhance teacher evaluations.

Video Based Calibration

Our biggest enhancement is opening up our Video Based Calibration models to school districts. Districts now have the option of purchasing ReVIEW Talent Feedback System as a comprehensive tool or they can choose our wildly popular video based calibration models.

Video Library

Evaluators in a district receive access to a video from our library. These videos have been normed against numerous frameworks used in Connecticut. For districts out of state we can norm the videos against your rubric or provide you with inter-rater agreement among your evaluators. We then provide a crosswalk of common evidence.

Each video also has an available transcript and an evidence guide of effective practices.

Intuitive Interface

Evaluators then get to use our fully responsive and intuitive interface to score the classroom video. They can score at the Domain, Indicator, and Attribute level. The framework you choose is displayed using collapsible menus which makes referencing the rubric a breeze.

Feedback that Matters

Your evaluators then get real feedback about their evaluation. Most calibration activities offered by other firms simply give evaluators a score agreement report. Using our new Video Based Calibration models evaluators receive feedback from a coach who scores an evaluator's report against the RVL Supervisory Continuum.

This allows districts to track the growth in evaluator capacity over time.

Districts receive a wealth of information about performance in video based calibration. You can download all responses for future trainings and track the growth of evaluators.

We also offer a wealth of services such as one on one video based coaching and  the development of online classes within the ReVIEW platform to help evaluators grow.

Group Management

One of our greatest UI challenges has been assigning teachers to events and forms. Every district has a unique teacher evaluation plans. Some districts require different forms based on experience and they all require different frequencies of observation.

Getting this doable was easy. Making the assigning of frequency pleasant and pretty was not. We have tried numerous iterations but are excited to announce the availability of group management.

Every user in a district is automatically added to a default group. This means that for every form you have selected everyone will be assigned the default frequency.

Districts can then create new groups such as first-year teacher, tenured teacher, and non-tenured teacher.

Districts can then revise the frequency of events and assign forms on a group level.

Then when new users are added they can be assigned a group. Current users can also be edited to switch their groups as they grow with a district.

The new group management tool is great. While we designed the product to make on boarding easier our existing customers are finding interesting ways to apply the tool. Some have created study groups of 3-4 administrators and have them complete the same observations. Others districts have used the group management feature as well as our custom form builder to create online professional development for teachers within review.

Engineering Better Teachers

The features in our latest release will help any district grow the instructional capacity of teachers. ReVIEW Talent Feedback System is in the business of engineering better teachers. We look forward to working with you.