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The ReVIEW Team

Version 4.0.3 Released

2 min read

After three months of our most intensive design sprints we have released version 4.0.3. Its hard to believe after much of this work there are few features to brag about. 

Most of the changes were at the information architecture level and were designed for scalability improvements. Basically all under the hood changes.

We want you to think a peak at the back end would look something like this:

We fear, and often think we see the our under the hood improvements like this:

The answer is, of course, somewhere in the middle. But we work hard to ensure school districts, universities, and education consultants who have come to rely on ReVIEW Talent Feedback System see a close to flawless system.

To a user what is under the hood doesn't matter, what you want to see is:

A smart and intuitive system that works in partneship with your district, evaluators and teachers. 

The changes in version 4.0.3 (the .o.3 are minor bug fixes) include:

  • Changes to reports-Districts wanted more charts and graphs. We gave them to your.
  • Stability Fixes for scalability.
  • Academic Year Features-As our first year winds down we wanted to maker sure we had the architecture in place so schools can have a truly multiyear platform that meets the legal archiving features. 

This will be the last major release of this academic year. We are most excited about these recent changes but we have some awesome features coming in our roadmap including:

  • Revamping of the district and evaluator dashboards.
  • Customizing and creating events.
  • Better video based coaching integration.
  • More charts and graphs including Cohen's Kappa and Intra-class correlations for inter-rater agreement.