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The ReVIEW Team

Giving Back-ReVIEW Talent Feedback System Now Free for Researchers

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We built ReVIEW Talent Feedback System because we believe the  best way to improve student achievement is to focus on increasing instructional capacity.

Teachers do not grow through a collection of misguided mandates on teacher evaluation but through a culture of reflective practitioners. We built ReVIEW with this principle in mind.

Therefore we wanted to share an important development. We will now provide university and non-profit researchers with a license to use our platform free of charge.

What is ReVIEW Talent Feedback System?

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System is an evaluation platform with a focus on providing high quality feedback. We know students thrive in environments that allow for growth through critical conversations. Future educators and teachers are no different.

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ReVIEW Talent Feedback System is built for formal and informal observations. Observers can watch and score learning events against a rubric of your design. Participants can submit reflections. They can also upload artifacts such as documents or images (video uploads not included in the free offer...the bandwidth and storage get expensive).

What Can I Do With ReVIEW Talent Feedback System?

Adding Rubrics

You can add a rubric of effective teaching (or writing, or tutoring, or kayaking...really). ReVIEW Talent Feedback System currently allows you to add any multi-dimensional rubric with multiple domains and indicators.

Right now all single domain or holistic rubrics are added on the back-end. Our next major update will allow for the customizing of rubrics on the front end. If you need a single item rubric immediatley uploaded just let us know and we can work with you to add it to the system (small fee may apply).

Finally make sure you are allowed to use the rubric. You can not add any rubric that is the protected proprietary data of a third party without providing us written consent.

Making Forms

The next step is to create a series of forms for participants, observers, or learners to fill out. These forms can then be scored against those rubrics. The interface of ReVIEW Talent Feedback System is built for educator preparation and teacher evaluation but the forms and events can be customized in anyway.

We offer the following forms pre-populated.

You can add unlimited forms to any event and select the frequency that participants, observers, evlautors or researchers must complete the form.

We offer the following types of form components:

  • text (single lines)
  • textarea (paragraph)
  • checkbox
  • dropdown
  • scale
  • goal-setting (set goals and choose action steps)
  • rubric (choose any of the four domains to add to a form)
  • calendar
  • overall scale score 
  • label (add almost any html tags as a read-only element)
  • domain score 
  • file upload (video not included)
  • table (participants enter data in table form)

All of the form results are then downloadable in a spreadsheet form for your future analysis. Each individual response is downloadable in PDF format.

What Are Some Ways Researchers Could Use ReVIEW Talent Feedback System?

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Have conversations with participants about their teaching and provide high quality narrative feedback to help teachers grow.

If you research teacher quality then ReVIEW Talent Feedback System may have features that will increase the efficacy of your data collections and interventions. 

Test to see if training student teacher supervisors in the writing of high quality feedback improves the student teaching experience.

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System also comes pre-pouplated with the ReVision Supervisory Continuum. This rubric is used to evaluate the evalutors. You can either use the rubric or remix it to design your own rubric to provide feedback to student teacher supervisors.

Track agreement among observers.

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System is already used to track the agreement and capacity of evaluators across the northeast. Researchers can create forms to have data collection centralized among teams across diverse regions. Furthermore our reporting systems will allow you to compare agreement of your observers and even conduct inter-rater trainings. Tables with percentage of absolute agreement, percentage of adjacent agreement, Cohen's Kapaa, and intra-class correlations are coming soon.

Provide video based feedback and coaching.

While video uploads are not included for free you can embed media from across the web into our forms. This allows you to provide video based observation and coaching as long as you host the data elsewhere. We also have a library of professional development videos that can be licensed for a nominal fee.

We can even run inter-rater agreement programs for your participants or researchers but this would also be a fee based service.

Video is a powerful feedback tool. We can help you think about your research design and how ReVIEW Talent Feedback System can help.

Create professional development modules.

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System can also be used as a learning platform by researchers. You could begin with backwards design and develop a rubric that would best capture the scales of quality in particpant learning. Then using the form builder create a series of tasks that would take the learners towards those outcomes.

If your professional development study does not involve final products you can always just create each learning event as a form and then download all the results. 

Do something we haven't thought of yet.

Have an idea that we haven't listed. Great. Reach out to us and let us know. We can give you access to a demo account and see if whatever you are thinking for your research study is possible.

What About Privacy?

At ReVIEW Talent Feedback System we take privacy seriously. Our database is encrypted and the only information we have access to are user logs and your forms. This is for customer support. We can help you customize the forms and track user erros.

If you want to increase your level of privacy you could use psuedoymns and dummy emails for participants.

You can even host your data on your local servers. We have built an API based app that you can hook into while keeping all of your own data. We would have to charge for a bit of custom development to get our servers to talk.

What Can I Not Do?

Use our tool with participants without first providing a copy of an approved application for human research from an institutional review board or a similar organization. You can test drive the system but not sign anyone up before providing documentation that your study was approved.

Use it for the evaluation of colleagues, student teachers, or educators outside of a research study. We charge for these services and the revenues help us ensure we can keeep ReVIEW Talent Feedback System free to researchers.

Use the data to make a determination in any hiring or grading situation. It's for research purposes only.

How do I learn more? 

Email us at [email protected] and we can talk through a potential partnership. Our goal (as long as we can keep the lights on) is to keep ReVIEW Talent Feedback System free to researchers forever.