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7 Steps to More Effective Evaluation

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You can not rely on any teacher development platform without first investing in the coaching skills of your evaluators. Yet too many of the tools on the marketplace assume your staff have the skills to deliver high quality feedback that helps teachers grow. It as if we could have students learn by simply building classrooms without teachers

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Regardless of your platform any district or school can follow our seven step plan to training evaluators on effective growth.

Designing Effective Evaluators

Determine Goals

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Use last year’s data. Pay close attention to the written feedback evaluators provided teachers. What instructional practices should your faculty focus on in order to drive student growth?How do the identified instructional practices align with your district's framework for effective teaching? Choose your indicators and attributes of focus.

At ReVIEW Talent Feedback system we make determining, following and reflection on goals easy. We have built in goal setting question types in our form builder.

Create Groups

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Do tenure teachers get fewer observations? Are you going to organize evaluators across the district? In each school? By grade or subject band? All of these factors influence how we deploy our teacher evaluation plans.

We believe talent growth stands on a platform of differentiation and personalization. Our group features allow you to customize the experience for each teacher in your school.

Coach Teams

Evaluators need coaching. Model the process and feedback that they should use with teachers. Meet each group to really unpack what effective learning looks like when using the instructional practices outlined in the district’s goals. Have evaluators describe the evidence they would see in effective classrooms.

You can use our customized forms to create trainings or take advantage of the many partnerships we have established with professional development providers.

Conduct Observations

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Evaluators need practice. Next take each group into the classroom and observe specifically for the instructional practices your districts believes will drive student growth. Use the relevant sections of your framework for effective teaching.

Our tools for classroom observation define industry standards by stripping away the features and putting the focus squarely on feedback delivered to the teacher.

Discuss Observed Evidence

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Evaluators need collaboration. After each observation gather together as a group and discuss the evidence collected. Describe how the evaluators would coach the teacher. Use the language of the chosen indicator and attribute in your discussion.

We make the exporting or reports and data easy you can instantly sort and download any submitted response.

Administer Formative Assessment

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Evaluators need feedback. After a series of training have the team observe a teacher and score it against your entire framework. Then analyze the score and responses of evaluators and provide a report. Give evaluators the type of feedback their teachers deserve.

At ReVIEW Talent Feedback System we put the emphasis on evaluator growth. You can use our platform for live trainings or use our video based calibration modules.

Coach for Growth

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Evaluators need time. Calibration isn’t a one time assessment of checking off observed evidence. True validity and reliability in our measures takes focus. The growth required takes time. Provide opportunities to improve evaluation skills to your staff throughout the year.

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When you partner with ReVIEW Talent Feedback System you get a platform that allows you track, train, and teach your staff on how to utilize classroom observations in their coaching.
To learn more about how we can help you design for better evaluators reach out to [email protected] or find us at booth 222.