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The ReVIEW Team

Build Better Teachers Together

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Teamwork flickr photo by Crossroads Foundation Photos shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Foundations will fall if you do not forge partnerships. At ReVIEW Talent Feedback System we find increasing instructional capacity no different. We must work together.

Our mission of increasing the effectiveness of teachers begins by creating a culture of feedback. We believe that a focus on evaluator capacity through the training of discrete skills leads to better educators.

When administrators create the space for reflection and have training and delivering high quality feedback your school with see growth in teachers.

Tough budgetary times have brought the need to collaborate on talent development more into focus. So we curated a learning experience in partnership with Amplify's Personal Learning Maps, ReVISION Learning Partnership, and ReVISION Online Learning.

Together the four of us have come together to provide a set of packages designed to improve how your administrators observe, evaluate, and coach teachers. The different price points meets the need of any budget while providing you with rich data on the quality of your talent development protocols. 

You can learn more about the low cost yet comprehensive solutions by reviewing a detailed description here