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The ReVIEW Team

Coaching with Video Based Calibrations

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School leaders use classroom observations to make important decisions. What professional development to engage, if teachers should earn tenure, and even if teachers need counseling out of the profession.

The Power of Leaders in Early Learning flickr photo by New America shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

We owe it to the educators we serve to ensure a baseline of agreement and validity. Our faculty and staff deserve to know important decisions about their lives are being made by highly trained professionals. How many districts run agreement tests? How many school systems have the foresight to provide coaching to their evaluators on how to write effective feedback?

Don't Lose Your Vision

Yet in teacher evaluation we too often focus on the consequences and lose sight of the coaching. If the last decade, and all the experiments of measuring effectiveness, taught us anything we now know feedback matters.

We can not stop at simple agreement tests when training our faculty. More importantly teacher deserves a school leader who can coach them towards growth.

AT ReVIEW Talent Feedback System we place the emphasis on capacity and not simply compliance.

Our Video Based Calibrations not only provide schools with inter-rater agreement but our coaches score written feedback against six domains of effective observation reports. Our team then writes feedback to help evaluators improve their observation reports and the corresponding feedback they provide to teachers.

Culture of Feedback

At ReVIEW we know feedback drives growth. It is more than inter-rater agreement. A culture of feedback must exist from the superintendent to the youngest student.

We model the type of high quality feedback that teachers deserve.