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The ReVIEW Team

Five Ways to Use our Group Management Tools

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Enrique Martinez didn't know what to do. As a new assistant superindent the district relied on him to handle talent development. Yet in Enrique's mind he was a servant to the state and not to students. The talent development platform deployed by the district was designed to meet a checklist of unfunded federal and state mandates.

Teachers hated the system. Enrique needed tools that allowed him to differntiate the instructional support each teacher recieved. 

At ReVIEW Talent Feedback System we strive to  build better teachers through high quality feedback. To accomplish this goal we created our platform to provide flexiility and customizations to meet the needs of people like Dr. Martinez.

Our group management tools provided Enrique with everything he needed so teachers could see talent development as a valuable process rather than a product of bad politics. Dr. Martinez quickly  discovered five ways to use our group management tools.

Video Based Calibration

Our professional development library became an immediate asset to Enrique. He was able to train all new administrators and had inter-rater agreement using our built in video based calibration.

When a group of administrators needed addtional support he created a new group, assigned videos and created tutorials about using frameworks for effective teaching.

Rubric Understanding

Dr Martinez knows the importance of teachers knowing the district's framework for effective teaching. He created a goal setting form teachers to identify indicators where they needed growth. Then Enrique created groups of teachers for training.

Online Classes

The way districts have done professional development needs to change. After reviewing last year's assessment data Enrique noted that many teachers needed to brush up questoning techniques in the classroom. Dr. Martinez used our group feature to create optional online classes. Now teacher could complete the activites online or attend the full day professional development sessions. Many teachers chose to work online so they could use district release time for team planning.

Mandatory Trainings

Food safety classes, coach recertification, dyslexia modules...The number of trainings the district was required to deliver keeps increasing. Dr. Martinez found our group management feature to be an invaluable tool to meeting these requirements.

Professional Learning Communities

Enrique feels blessed to have such a committed staff. In fact many teachers seek out professional development well beyond the minimum the district is required to devliver based on the union contract. Dr. Martinez worked with these teachers to set up a professional learning community using ReVIEW's group management features.

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