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The ReVIEW Team

How Do You Build The Perfect Teacher Evaluation Form?

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You Don't.

Evaluation requires reflection not checkboxes. Growth needs a forum not a form.

At ReVIEW Talent Feedback System we create tools to point the way rather than get in the way, and  every day we work to create a platform that leads to in-depth coaching conversations.

We don't want the schools and districts we work with fretting over forms. In fact we only choose partners who see teacher evaluation from a capacity building rather than a compliance building lens. 

Yet as a school leader, district administrator or CMO executive you want to harness the power of data at the macro level to ensure you create a culture that supports micro level growth.

Creating Systems to Support Growth

At ReVIEW Talent Feedback System we give our partners the flexibility to design a  talent development platform that best suit your needs:

Goal Setting Components

A schools plan for caching talent begins with a  shared mission and vision. We then empower teachers to develop their own learning goals that reinforce the building culture.

If accountability is important in your model you can also use our goal setting thing to create performance indexes tied to student scores.

Annual Events

Schools can also use our flexible form and even building to then add in shared annual events to your performance system. This can include annual reviews, self reflection, video artifact uploads. 

Schools can use our pre made forms or remix our templates to meet your unique needs. Capacity building isn't a cookie cutter approach.


We got too bogged down in the weighting of observations in the last ten years. Yet we also learned the  power if embedded coaching and written feedback.

At ReVIEW Talent Feedback System we encourage schools to look past state guideline and instead do what's right. You can create a framework of teaching customized for your school.

Then when coaching teachers you do not have to focus on each domain, indicator, or attribute. Use or rubric form component and connect your framework back to the goals the teacher set at the beginning of the year.

Stop Hunting for the Perfect Form

You can not have the best evaluation system. It doesn't exist. That does not mean you can't develop a better platform that will help you focus more on building the capacity of the staff rather than compliance with your protocols.

If you want to learn more about becoming a partner email [email protected] or find us at Twitter at @ReViewTalentFS