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The ReVIEW Team

How Does Video Based Calibration Work

2 min read

Many of you have stopped by the booth or sent a question on Twitter asking about how our video based calibration modules work.

Step One: Collecting Evidence

Evaluators in your district receive access to a video from our library. These videos have been normed against numerous frameworks across the country. We have video transcriptions available for training and to meet the abilities of all educators.

Step Two: Analyze the Evidence

Your district evaluators then score this video against your chosen framework.Using the user friendly interface they can score at the indicator and domain level but also select a rating at the attribute level. We can customize and add any legally available framework for effective teaching to our platform. If you use a proprietary framework we capture scores and written feedback.

Step Three Coaches Provide Feedback

Then a coach from ReVIEW Talent Feedback System will score the evaluator’s submitted report. We use ReVISION Learnings Supervisory continuum which scores written feedback on six qualities of effective observations. Our coaches provide your evaluators with a model of high quality written feedback teachers deserve.

Step Four: Create a Professional Development Plan

As a district leader you will have access to facilitator reports that give a snapshot at how well your evaluators support the instructional capacity of your teachers. You can also download all evaluator and facilitator reports and data.