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The ReVIEW Team

Making Student Learning Objectives More Visible in Version 5.1

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At ReVIEW Talent Feedback System we have learned to listen to our users. The educators who partner with us know the power feedback has in driving  teacher and student growth.

Feedback flickr photo by Skley shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license

Our customers commonly requested a feature to make student learning objectives more accessible in our system.

SLO's, or yearly goals for learners, play an important role in state maandated teacher evaluation systems. In ReVIEW we have empowered educators by creating easy to use forms to develop SLO's.

Evaluators and teachers noted they needed to easily navigate back to their SLO's throughout the school year.

We listened.

Adding SLO's to your Profile

Today we release version 5.1 of ReVIEW Talent Feedback System. We added the ability to customize a user's profile. Districts can now use this to add to SLO's to their profile.

Evaluators and district administrators can now click on a user's profile to open up the page in a new tab or window

District admininstrators and teacher evaluators will have read privledges. We hope giving districts quick and easy access to their SLO's will help educators navigate our system.

Rich Text Editor

We also added a rich text editor (a What You See is What You Get--WYSIWYG tool) to the profile pages and to any text area in a form component. Previously users needed to know a bit of html to format their forms or responses. Now anyone can add a little flare to their entires.

Improvements to Group Management

We also made a few minor but important changes to our group management tools. Specifically users can now be in unlimited groups. This means schools, consultants, and non-profits using our system can create unlimited learning experiences for their users. 

Goal Setting Components

We also added a new goal setting form component. We now have one goal setting feature that pre-populates. Meaning once teachers fill it out once it their editable responses will be added any time that component is used.

In version 5.1 we included a goal setting form component that dies not pre populate. You still choose a goal and add action steps with deliverable dates but now you can use this feature across many different forms.