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The ReVIEW Team

Making the Web a Better Place

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Mad World flickr photo by Sabbian Paine shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

The web has shifted the way we live. A knowledge economy has emerged. This means we need new feature releases in our teachers. Future ready simply means everyone can read, write, and participate on the web. 

As the web matures forces begin to gather power and influence. For the web to  unleash a new wave of knowledge and opportunity across the globe we must act. Not only does open web need advocates but we must ensure that opportunities on the web do not get concentrated in a few countries. As a society we must fight for the rural villager, the urban poor, and the average citizen.

ReVIEW Talent Feedback System wishes to congratulate Greg for being selected as one of fifty people in tmost fighting for a better web across the globe. Mozilla selected Greg McVerry, co-founder of ReVIEW Talent Feedback, along with 49 other people as influencers within the Mozilla Network.

The Mozilla Networks represent the decentralized efforts of staff and thousands of volunteers advocating for a healthier internet.

Mozilla writes of Greg:

Greg McVerry is an Ed-Tech entrepreneur, teacher, and digital inclusion advocate. He works as an Associate Professor of Education at Southern Connecticut State University. He has been active in the internet health movement as a Club Captain and a technical contributor. He is a member of our first cohort of "Network50.”

Greg drives the Internet health mission forward through his contributions as a participation lead, Mozilla Club Captain, curriculum tester, and Thimble champion. As a teacher, Greg naturally thinks about how our tools and curriculum will be received by learners. His thoughtful feedback about how Thimble is used in learning contexts helped us make important decisions about the user experience, the feature set, and the curricular content. He has been an active tester of our curriculum and has made valuable contributions, helping to increase the overall quality. He has taken many of the principles mentioned above into an Ed-Tech startup he founded to create technologies that develop the instructional capacity of teachers. Finally, Greg is one of the most active network members in Github, demonstrating a strong commitment to working and learning in the open.

Having someone like Greg on our team has helped to ensure students remain the central focus of ReVIEW Talent Feedback System. Greg has organized learning events in India, helped to shape Thimble, Mozilla's online code editor and mentored dozens of leaders across the globe..