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The ReVIEW Team

Seeking Partners in India for Research Study on Teacher Evaluation

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Humayupur's public school-1 flickr photo by New Delhices shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

Learning is universal. Yet across the globe schools struggle to address the shifting economic, political, and social forces that our networked society has unleashed on the world.


Sometimes we all just need to take a deep breath. Let’s take a step back and realize if learning is universal than many of the lessons we have learned over the centuries still apply.


Focus on Growth

We believe feedback is one of the great truths of teaching. Modern research, specifically the work of John Hattie, provides data to something every exemplary educator knows.  If feedback helps student grow the same holds true for teachers and administrators.


At ReVIEW Talent Feedback System we base our models on modern research and common sense. We work with schools and states to build systems that increase the instructional capacity of teachers.


So if we want our students to grow we must help our faculty grow through high quality feedback.


We want your help in developing our model of increasing instructional feedback. We are seeking 6-10 public or private schools in India to take part in a formative design study.


Formative research starts with a pedagogical goal. We ask, “How best we can we help schools grow by increasing the capacity of administrators to deliver high quality feedback to teacher?” We then work together to identify the variables that help or hurt this goal.



We seek 6-10 schools across India to engage in this project with us. The schools can be of any size. You will have a small team or an individual willing to work with us.


We are international experts in school improvement through teacher evaluation. Patrick has worked with hundreds of schools across the globe. He successfully built ReVISION Learning Partnership. Greg received his PhD as a Neag Fellow at the New Literacies Research Lab at the University of Connecticut. He has experience working with Indian educators through his efforts as a Mozilla volunteer.


We will also be hiring a local project manager to help coordinate our efforts and be a partner you can trust throughout the project.



This project will focus on increasing the instructional capacity of teachers by coaching you or your staff to deliver high quality feedback about effective teaching.


This will be driven by a professional learning community built on our talent development platform, ReVIEW Talent Feedback System.



We hope to begin the project in August with remote planning meetings. We will then pilot instruments in September through October and begin classroom observations and coaching in November and December. We will wrap up the project within six months.



We will gather remotely through video conferences for bi monthly check in meetings. All of our training materials and data will be collected in our talent development platform ReVIEW Talent Feedback System.


Talent development is something you do. It can not be a plan done to you. We seek partners in India because we know their is a national focus on teacher quality. We hope to take the lessons we have learned over the past decade observing over 7500 teachers and sharing these with you.


We will begin by collecting baseline data about your school. We will never sell or share any of your information. You will also own all of the data you share with us and can delete it any time.


We will then meet over video conferences with partnering schools to develop a framework for effective teaching. We will create an open source rubric that captures quality education. Each school will be able to reuse or remix our rubrics. You can also bring your own.


Participants will then have the option to complete a series of online modules designed to help you improve your evaluation skills and learn to coach for growth through high quality feedback.


We will then meet as a group and develop the evaluation forms you need. Again these will all be open source. We will create forms such as teacher goal setting, classroom observations, mid year reflections, and end of the year reflections.


You will then begin to observe teachers. After you submit your report our coaches will provide tips on how to improve your high quality feedback.


We will continue to gather as a professional learning community and identify the factors that help our teachers grow.


To Learn More

 If you would like to be considered for this research opportunity please reach out to Greg at [email protected] system and he will let you know more about the application process.