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The ReVIEW Team

Using ReVIEW As Grant Management Tool

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In part of of our efforts to give back we give access to ReVIEW Talent Feedback System to any non-profit research project for free.

At Southern Connecticut State University we were awarded a grant to focus on bringing Geographic Information Systems.

Using ReVIEW Talent Feedback System to Manage Grants

After demonstrating the functionality to my colleagues and comparing the features to other CMS options such as Blackboard and Google Classroom the Principal Investigators (PI's) on our Geographic Information Systems Grant (I abstained from the vote and then checked with our Dean to make sure there was no conflict of interest) chose to use ReVIEW Talent Feedback System as our tool to organize the institute.

What Can You Do with ReVIEW Talent Feedback System?

Our PIs chose ReVIEW Talent Feedback for numerous reasons:

  • Allowed for differentiated participation between 100% face to face, hybrid, and fully online participants.
  • Created a repository for all of our learning activities.
  • Allowed participants to upload artifacts from the institute.
  • Provided an observation tool for coaching when teachers deliver lessons in the school year.
  • Provided an assessment tool for evaluating submitted lesson plans.
  • Collected demographic data
  • Created robust reporting tools for publication.

How did it Work?

During our two week institute participants had access to all of the learning materials. If they were on the ground the activities were completed in our sessions. Online or hybrid participants completed activities in a self paced approach.

Participants could navigate through the activities

We could then download all responses for any type of qualitative analysis

How will it work?

As we move from the institute into the classroom ReVIEW will work as our coaching and feedback platform. We will begin by scoring their lesson plans against Domain 2 of the Connecticut Framework for Effective Teaching.

The CT SEED model uses four domains to evaluate teachers. The second domain is the planning domain. We then provide written feedback on how to improive the lesson.

Then when the school year begins we will go in and score the lessons on Domains 1 and 3 of the framework. These domains focus on teaching and assessment.

When we finish our coaching and observation we will be able to use our robust reporting features to help prepare data for publication.

Want to Use ReVIEW in Your Grant?

As we have said we make ReVIEW free to any grant that utilizes internal reviews or needs a data collection and analysis tool. If you are a third party or outside reviewer on a grant we have very affordable prices and tools that will make your evaluations more cost effective for your partners.

Simply email Greg at [email protected] for more information.